Hear what my clients have to say:

“Our experience with Benjamin Lee was unbelievably great!  We say unbelievably because we had spent almost 2 years trying to work with our bank on lowering our very high interest rate.  We were unsuccessful, and frustrated as they could not tell us why not!  We completed a survey on line just to see what would happen.  Benjamin Lee reached out to us right away, and our reaction was “Oh no, we signed ourselves up for some free website, and now we will get emails from everyone!”  I responded back saying “thanks, but no thanks.”  Benjamin did not give up, and he emailed back and called us several times.  We finally sent an email to him giving him our details and he came back saying “Let’s try”.  So, we did.  From that moment on Benjamin Lee kept us up to date and informed on a daily basis, and told us the truth about what we were up against.  We began to have hope, and we actually were able to refinance our mortgage and lower our monthly payments substantially.  Benjamin was professional and truthful, and answered all of our questions throughout the process and we are very grateful.”    ~ David and Eileen Graybeal